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The TS-45F Forestry Tray is the most versatile in our range of forestry trays. Made in Australia from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) virgin resin with UV protection, the trays are ideally suited for softwood and hardwood seed and mini-cuttings. Biological benefits are evident in the cell architecture (developed together with Hancock and Arborgen nurseries in Australia). The cells are specially formed to ensure complete absence of root curl. When lifted, the seedling rootball exhibits excellent form, with groups of air pruned root tips positioned to engage the surrounding soil after planting. The square shaped cells of the tray have one horizontal air pruning slot on each wall surface to lessen the drying effect common with many earlier side slot cell trays. The internal construction of the cell is designed to encourage formative root growth to enter the air pruning slot positions and encourage well positioned lateral roots. In each square cell there is one tapered lateral root air pruning slot. At the lower end of the cell, the area is wide allowing free exit of emerging roots and eliminating the problem of lower bunching of leader roots at the bottom of the cell.


What you need to know about tray benching and cell design

Crossing over from other commonly-used trays

The width and volume of our 45 cell forestry tray (216mm and 93cc) is the same as the commonly used Hiko cell tray, meaning it may well fit existing bench/nursery layouts. The depth is very close (87mm compared to our 85mm). The major difference is in the length of our TS-45f cell tray (385mm) compared with the Hiko 40 cell tray (352mm).

The TS-45F Forestry Tray has the same OA measurement as the TS-48F forestry tray and also the TS 100 cell tray. All three align closely with the measurements of earlier Lannen forestry growing trays used in forest plantation nurseries in many countries. This means that the TS family of forestry trays may fit many existing tray filling and seed sowing lines worldwide.


Mechanical Benefits

12.5% more plants are moved per tray movement. 12.5% more plants are carried per tray attached to a manual planting harness. It is also possible to carry two trays or four trays at once on a planting belt.


Tray Dimensions:385 x 216 x 85 mm
Cell Dimensions:41 x 41 x 85 mm
Cell Volume:93 cc
Plants per m2:540

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