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Originally developed by Transplant Systems (in co-operation with Lannen of Finland) for Radiata pine cuttings, the TS-48F cellular seedling growing tray is ideally suited for softwood cuttings and seed. The architecture of the TS-48F forestry tray cell, is the product of years of research and development with major forest nurseries and plantation growers throughout Australia and New Zealand. It has proven to be very popular and is used around Australasia, as well as being exported to forestry nurseries in Uganda and Papa New Guinea.

The trays are made in Australia from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) virgin resin with UV protection.

When inspecting cuttings ready for planting it will be seen that the aggressive roots have been controlled in the cell thus avoiding the chance of root deformation. This leads to excellent field anchorage, early establishment and plant growth.


Tray Dimensions:385 x 289 x 100 mm
Cell Dimensions:42 x 42 x 100 mm
Cell Volume:125 cc
Plants per m2:431

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