Handling Solutions

Transplant Systems offers to customers a selection of equipment, specifically designed by our world class equipment suppliers, for the automation of the handling process in greenhouses and nurseries, distribution and packaging centers.

Our handling machines are versatile and customizable and we are able to adapt to the needs of both small and large production.


The modular conveyor belts, in aluminum or steel, for the handling of pots and trays, our automated palletizer for the storage of containers on pallets, buffer tables for the grouping or separation of pots and trays and finally the automatic trolleys and frames loader that takes care of storing trays and containers on the shelves of standard trolleys, out of standard or customized racks.


Our conveyor systems are suitable for both small and heavy products. Simply place your products on the belt.  Move your products to the desired location without any human effort. Using conveyor belts is both faster and more ergonomic. You can control the belts with an easy-to-use control system.

We can design the process flow solution that suits your production needs perfectly.  Make life easier with our labor-saving and efficient equipment.