Fusion of Innovation and Tradition in Horticulture: Hydroponics and Protected Cropping

KG Systems

In the realm of horticulture farming, the marriage of innovation and tradition has given rise to practices that redefine the way we cultivate crops. Among these, hydroponics and protected cropping stand out, offering a myriad of benefits that are reshaping the landscape of modern horticulture. 

Hydroponics are a “soilless wonder”.  Instead of relying on traditional soil beds, hydroponic systems deliver a precise concoction of nutrients directly to the roots. This not only conserves water but also enhances nutrient absorption, accelerates growth rates, and increases yields. 

KG Systems’ Ebb and Flood benches are a fusion of elevated benching system with a closed loop, recirculating subirrigation system. This product aligns with hydroponic principles by offering individual watering and fertigation for diverse plants without the need for individual feed lines. The closed irrigation system recirculates the nutrient solution, aligning with the core principles of hydroponics where nutrient control is paramount.

Precision is the buzzword in hydroponics. The meticulous control over nutrient levels, pH, and environmental conditions empowers farmers to fine-tune the growth process, ensuring optimal conditions for each crop. This level of customisation translates to faster growth cycles and a more efficient use of resources. 

Another hydroponic product that is transforming nursery efficiency is KG Systems’ automatic mobile benches, addressing specific productivity, space, and load requirements for each project. Automatic mobile benching enables nurseries to process its crop in an innovative way with gantry trains, robots, and track drives. KG Systems are seamlessly linking automated solutions to the principles of hydroponics.

Linking arms with hydroponics in the revolution of horticulture farming is protected cropping. Greenhouses and tunnels, the fundamentals of protected cropping, provide a controlled haven for plants, shielding them from the elements. These structures extend the growing season, enabling farmers to cultivate crops beyond traditional timelines. As climate change continues to introduce uncertainties into our weather patterns, the importance of such controlled environments cannot be overstated.

Transplant Systems are partnered with a leading European Greenhouse company and can offer a variety of crop protection greenhouses including standard hoop protection, open roof ventilation, environmental control, and retractable screens. These structures offer customisable dimensions to meet the specific needs of growers.  Designed for the extremes of Mediterranean weather they are ideally suited to the rigors of Australia’s climate. Our Greenhouse offerings provide not just shelter but a strategic blend of design, customisation, and functionality, ensuring that growers can navigate the challenges of agriculture with resilience and success.

Reflecting on the intertwined values of hydroponics and protected cropping, it becomes clear that these methodologies are not mere alternatives; they are the future of horticulture farming. Transplant Systems are proudly partnered with KG Systems, supplying these products to nurseries all over Australia as we head towards a greener, more bountiful tomorrow.

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Originally published in Good Fruit & Vegetables, November 2023, Vol. 35, No. 5
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