Proactive Irrigation Solutions for the El Nino Summer 2024


It is predicted that Australia is heading towards a dry and hot summer with an El Niño event likely, it has never been more important for production nurseries to strategically plan for water security. Most parts of Australia reported below-average rainfall through the winter, prompting discussions across the country about potential water restrictions.

The forecast for below-average summer rainfall adds significant pressure on growers relying on on-site dams. Rising temperatures increase the likelihood of heightened irrigation needs, potentially depleting water supplies without sufficient replenishment. In light of this, having adequate irrigation systems is crucial for sustainable water management during such challenging conditions.

An exemplary solution is Urbinati’s Double Rail Mobile Irrigation Booms (IRMOEX). The IRMOEX is designed to cater to outdoor nursery crops with its suspended booms, double rail system and recoil wheel on bearings for smoother sliding of hoses. The irrigation coverage area is a huge 10,500m2, with its 35m working boom width and 300m working rail length. This advanced irrigation system brings the reliability and precision of indoor irrigation booms to outdoor areas aswell as the option for customised rain bar for potted plants.

All Urbinati irrigation booms, including the IRMOEX, allow for customised programming with inter-zone irrigation cycles. This flexibility enables quick and individual configuration of the steps and speed of the booms, resulting in considerable time and natural resource savings throughout the production cycle. Investing in irrigation technology is not only a practical response to the challenges posed by water scarcity but also a strategic move to enhance efficiency and sustainability in horticultural practices.

It is strongly advised that Australian nurseries assess their water systems promptly, considering solutions like Urbinati’s IRMOEX to improve overall water efficiency, especially in anticipation of El Niño events and unfavorable weather patterns. Acting now is crucial, as waiting until a potential second summer of El Niño, coupled with the prospect of low to average winter rainfall in 2024, may prove too late for effective preparations.

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